Technician Class License Exam Questions

Subelement T9

Antennas and feed lines

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Group T9A Antennas: vertical and horizontal polarization; concept of gain; common portable and mobile antennas; relationships between antenna length and frequency
T9A01 What is a beam antenna?
T9A02 Which of the following is true regarding vertical antennas?
T9A03 Which of the following describes a simple dipole mounted so the conductor is parallel to the Earth's surface?
T9A04 What is a disadvantage of the “rubber duck” antenna supplied with most handheld radio transceivers?
T9A05 How would you change a dipole antenna to make it resonant on a higher frequency?
T9A06 What type of antennas are the quad, Yagi, and dish?
T9A07 What is a good reason not to use a “rubber duck” antenna inside your car?
T9A08 What is the approximate length, in inches, of a quarter-wavelength vertical antenna for 146 MHz?
T9A09 What is the approximate length, in inches, of a 6 meter 1/2-wavelength wire dipole antenna?
T9A10 In which direction is the radiation strongest from a half-wave dipole antenna in free space?
T9A11 What is meant by the gain of an antenna?
T9A12 What is a reason to use a properly mounted 5/8 wavelength antenna for VHF or UHF mobile service?
T9A13 Why are VHF or UHF mobile antennas often mounted in the center of the vehicle roof?
T9A14 Which of the following terms describes a type of loading when referring to an antenna?
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Group T9B Feed lines: types of feed lines; attenuation vs. frequency; SWR concepts; matching; weather protection; choosing RF connectors and feed lines
T9B01 Why is it important to have a low SWR in an antenna system that uses coaxial cable feed line?
T9B02 What is the impedance of the most commonly used coaxial cable in typical amateur radio installations?
T9B03 Why is coaxial cable used more often than any other feed line for amateur radio antenna systems?
T9B04 What does an antenna tuner do?
T9B05 What generally happens as the frequency of a signal passing through coaxial cable is increased?
T9B06 Which of the following connectors is most suitable for frequencies above 400 MHz?
T9B07 Which of the following is true of PL-259 type coax connectors?
T9B08 Why should coax connectors exposed to the weather be sealed against water intrusion?
T9B09 What might cause erratic changes in SWR readings?
T9B10 What electrical difference exists between the smaller RG-58 and larger RG-8 coaxial cables?
T9B11 Which of the following types of feed line has the lowest loss at VHF and UHF?
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