Technician Class License Exam Questions

Subelement T8

Modulation modes: amateur satellite operation; operating activities; non-voice communications

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Group T8A Modulation modes: bandwidth of various signals; choice of emission type
T8A01 Which of the following is a form of amplitude modulation?
T8A03 Which type of voice mode is most often used for long-distance (weak signal) contacts on the VHF and UHF bands?
T8A04 Which type of modulation is most commonly used for VHF and UHF voice repeaters?
T8A05 Which of the following types of emission has the narrowest bandwidth?
T8A06 Which sideband is normally used for 10 meter HF, VHF and UHF single-sideband communications?
T8A07 What is the primary advantage of single sideband over FM for voice transmissions?
T8A09 What is the approximate bandwidth of a VHF repeater FM phone signal?
T8A10 What is the typical bandwidth of analog fast-scan TV transmissions on the 70 cm band?
T8A11 What is the approximate maximum bandwidth required to transmit a CW signal?
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Group T8B Amateur satellite operation; Doppler shift, basic orbits, operating protocols; control operator, transmitter power considerations; satellite tracking; digital modes
T8B01 [97.301, 97.207(c)] Who may be the control operator of a station communicating through an amateur satellite or space station?
T8B02 [97.313] How much transmitter power should be used on the uplink frequency of an amateur satellite or space station?
T8B03 Which of the following are provided by satellite tracking programs?
T8B04 [97.301, 97.207(c)] Which amateur stations may make contact with an amateur station on the International Space Station using 2 meter and 70 cm band amateur radio frequencies?
T8B05 What is a satellite beacon?
T8B06 Which of the following are inputs to a satellite tracking program?
T8B07 With regard to satellite communications, what is Doppler shift?
T8B08 What is meant by the statement that a satellite is operating in mode U/V?
T8B09 What causes spin fading when referring to satellite signals?
T8B10 What do the initials LEO tell you about an amateur satellite?
T8B11 What is a commonly used method of sending signals to and from a digital satellite?
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Group T8C Operating activities: radio direction finding; radio control; contests; linking over the Internet; grid locators
T8C01 Which of the following methods is used to locate sources of noise interference or jamming?
T8C02 Which of these items would be useful for a hidden transmitter hunt?
T8C03 What popular operating activity involves contacting as many stations as possible during a specified period of time?
T8C04 Which of the following is good procedure when contacting another station in a radio contest?
T8C05 What is a grid locator?
T8C06 How is access to an IRLP node accomplished?
T8C07 [97.215(c)] What is the maximum power allowed when transmitting telecommand signals to radio controlled models?
T8C08 [97.215(a)] What is required in place of on-air station identification when sending signals to a radio control model using amateur frequencies?
T8C09 How might you obtain a list of active nodes that use VoIP?
T8C10 How do you select a specific IRLP node when using a portable transceiver?
T8C11 What name is given to an amateur radio station that is used to connect other amateur stations to the Internet?
T8C12 What is meant by Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as used in amateur radio?
T8C13 What is the Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP)?
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Group T8D Non-voice communications: image signals; digital modes; CW; packet; PSK31; APRS; error detection and correction; NTSC
T8D01 Which of the following is an example of a digital communications method?
T8D02 What does the term “APRS” mean?
T8D03 Which of the following devices provides data to the transmitter when sending automatic position reports from a mobile amateur radio station?
T8D04 What type of transmission is indicated by the term NTSC?
T8D05 Which of the following is an application of APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System)?
T8D06 What does the abbreviation PSK mean?
T8D07 What is PSK31?
T8D08 Which of the following may be included in packet transmissions?
T8D09 What code is used when sending CW in the amateur bands?
T8D10 Which of the following can be used to transmit CW in the amateur bands?
T8D11 What is an ARQ transmission system?
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