General Class License Exam Questions

Subelement G0

Electrical and RF Safety

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Group G0A RF safety principles, rules and guidelines; routine station evaluation
G0A01 What is one way that RF energy can affect human body tissue?
G0A02 Which of the following properties is important in estimating whether an RF signal exceeds the maximum permissible exposure (MPE)?
G0A03 [97.13(c)(1)] How can you determine that your station complies with FCC RF exposure regulations?
G0A04 What does "time averaging" mean in reference to RF radiation exposure?
G0A05 What must you do if an evaluation of your station shows RF energy radiated from your station exceeds permissible limits?
G0A06 What precaution should be taken when installing a ground-mounted antenna?
G0A07 What effect does transmitter duty cycle have when evaluating RF exposure?
G0A08 Which of the following steps must an amateur operator take to ensure compliance with RF safety regulations when transmitter power exceeds levels specified in FCC Part 97.13?
G0A09 What type of instrument can be used to accurately measure an RF field?
G0A10 What is one thing that can be done if evaluation shows that a neighbor might receive more than the allowable limit of RF exposure from the main lobe of a directional antenna?
G0A11 What precaution should you take if you install an indoor transmitting antenna?
G0A12 What precaution should you take whenever you make adjustments or repairs to an antenna?
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Group G0B Safety in the ham shack; electrical shock and treatment, safety grounding, fusing, interlocks, wiring, antenna and tower safety
G0B01 Which wire or wires in a four-conductor connection should be attached to fuses or circuit breakers in a device operated from a 240 VAC single phase source?
G0B02 What is the minimum wire size that may be safely used for a circuit that draws up to 20 amperes of continuous current?
G0B03 Which size of fuse or circuit breaker would be appropriate to use with a circuit that uses AWG number 14 wiring?
G0B04 Which of the following is a primary reason for not placing a gasoline-fueled generator inside an occupied area?
G0B05 Which of the following conditions will cause a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) to disconnect the 120 or 240 Volt AC line power to a device?
G0B06 Why must the metal enclosure of every item of station equipment be grounded?
G0B07 Which of these choices should be observed when climbing a tower using a safety belt or harness?
G0B08 What should be done by any person preparing to climb a tower that supports electrically powered devices?
G0B09 Why should soldered joints not be used with the wires that connect the base of a tower to a system of ground rods?
G0B10 Which of the following is a danger from lead-tin solder?
G0B11 Which of the following is good practice for lightning protection grounds?
G0B12 What is the purpose of a power supply interlock?
G0B13 What must you do when powering your house from an emergency generator?
G0B14 Which of the following is covered by the National Electrical Code?
G0B15 Which of the following is true of an emergency generator installation?
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