Extra Class License Exam Questions

Subelement E0


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Group E0A Safety: amateur radio safety practices; RF radiation hazards; hazardous materials; grounding and bonding
E0A01 What is the primary function of an external earth connection or ground rod?
E0A02 When evaluating RF exposure levels from your station at a neighbor’s home, what must you do?
E0A03 Which of the following would be a practical way to estimate whether the RF fields produced by an amateur radio station are within permissible MPE limits?
E0A04 When evaluating a site with multiple transmitters operating at the same time, the operators and licensees of which transmitters are responsible for mitigating over-exposure situations?
E0A05 What is one of the potential hazards of using microwaves in the amateur radio bands?
E0A06 Why are there separate electric (E) and magnetic (H) field MPE limits?
E0A07 How may dangerous levels of carbon monoxide from an emergency generator be detected?
E0A08 What does SAR measure?
E0A09 Which insulating material commonly used as a thermal conductor for some types of electronic devices is extremely toxic if broken or crushed and the particles are accidentally inhaled?
E0A10 What toxic material may be present in some electronic components such as high voltage capacitors and transformers?
E0A11 Which of the following injuries can result from using high-power UHF or microwave transmitters?
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